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    Hey guys and hellllllo May! Crazy that it’s already May, I must say. Though, now that it’s here, I’m counting down the seconds to summer.

    If you follow along on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook (or read this blog post), you likely saw that a couple months back I partnered with Dance with Me Studios for 5 private lessons at their Woodlands location. And, seriously, each one was SUCH a blast.

    In terms of my dancing background, it doesn’t consist of much. I took ballet and jazz over 20 years ago. I’ve taken hip hop type exercise classes. I dance in the confines of my own home when I’m feeling saucy. I dance at weddings and when I used to go out to clubs and such. And that’s about it. So, I’m a far cry from what one might consider a dancer. Though, one of my all time favorite shows is Dancing with the Stars, and one of my dreams is to be on the show. So, if you know a way to make that happen, I’m all ears! 

    The thing about dance is that it’s so much more than a physical activity. There’s so much emotion that goes into it. It’s all about connection, and I thrive on connection. It’s about letting your partner lead you (I’m not always great in that department, as my instructors would tell you!), and telling a story. Sometimes I’ll be watching DWTS and start crying during a dance because you can tell there’s so much feeling behind it. It’s really something special.

    Dance with Me 1

    With all that being said, when I was asked to partner with Dance with Me, it took me maybe a quarter of a second to scream YES! Going into it, I was slightly nervous. Anytime you do something out of your comfort zone or something you’re unfamiliar with, you’re bound to be a bit nervous. It was nervous in a good way though because I was so extremely excited. 

    For starters, from the second I walked in the door, I was greeted by the most positive, happy, fun people. The definition of good vibes would be the feeling within that Dance with Me Woodlands studio. If you’re having a bad day, go there. Seriously, everyone is friendly and just happy. So, from the moment I walked in, I knew I was going to love it.

    I was partnered with Erik Von Gore, who is an incredible dancer and a wonderful teacher. He was extremely patient with me (like when I needed him to remind me of a move he already taught me five times, oops!), and I really learned a lot. We touched on all kinds of dances, such as cha cha, tango, the swing, and beyond. I really love each one. When I was asked my favorite, I really couldn’t pick because there’s something special about each. I love the slower, more passionate ones, but also the fast and jubilant ones. 

    Dance with Me 3

    I can’t say enough good things about Dance with Me. If you’ve ever considered taking a dance lesson, I really urge you to give it a go. Or if you haven’t ever considered it, you might be surprised just how much you love it. I felt so happy each day I walked into the studio, and I left feeling so fulfilled. Truly. 

    Below I put together a few minute video of my experience. Hope you enjoy! And a massive thank you to the Dance with Me Woodlands team…you guys are the BEST.


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