The other day an old friend said something to me that really resonated. 

    The cards might be stacked against me, but at the end of the day I’m hitting Blackjack.

    I seriously fucking love that quote. 

    It encompasses a few different things that I feel very strongly about. 

    1. A positive attitude: No one can predict the future, and you don’t know if you’ll actually ‘hit Blackjack,’ but to have the thought that you will and believe you will, well, then you just might. A negative attitude is a waste of energy and time. I repeat, it’s a waste of energy and time. There is truly NO point. 
    2. The power to be able to work through trials and tribulations (those ‘cards stacked against you’): In life, you’re bound to find yourself in a less than ideal situation at one point or another. However, you can’t let that define you. You have to power through. 
    3. You create your own reality: I firmly believe that you have control over your life. What you think truly becomes your reality. So if you believe it’s going to be ok, then it will be ok. Let those cards stack up against you all they want, but still create your ‘blackjack’ of a life. You have that control. You have that power. 

    Life isn’t always a cakewalk and sometimes it can be a total crap shoot (see what I did there?! HA!), but it’s yours for the taking. Make it your own. Make it what you want to make it, and stay positive, no matter what. 

    And speaking of Blackjack, check out these fun card sets I found below because why not?!



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