A month or so back I decided to book a trip to Dallas for meetings and to see a couple friends and their babies. I had heard of Vonlane through my dear friend Lindsay who takes it all the time from Austin to Houston for work, but I had never tried it out. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to partner with Vonlane on my recent trip to the Big D! 

    Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar wth Vonlane, it is basically a first class airplane cabin on wheels. This is far from the Greyhound. This is luxury (on wheels). When I first told people I was taking a bus, their initial reactions were of surprise and slight intrigue. Then when I explained what type of bus it was, their ears perked up. 

    For those who know me personally or have been long time readers know that I absolutely loathe flying. And I mean loathe. There isn’t much I dislike doing more. Thus, to be able to travel in such a relaxing way was truly a pleasure. It was a completely stress free experience. It didn’t take any longer than driving a car, I was able to do work the entire time, along with great wifi service (well, and I napped), I had snacks and drinks, and before I knew it I was in Dallas. Honestly, I was so relaxed and being so productive, I kind of didn’t want the ride to end.

    Currently, Vonlane goes between Austin, Dallas, and Houston, but they will be expanding to other cities in the near future, so stay tuned on that. 

    Whether you don’t enjoy flying like me or even if you don’t mind flying, you will love the entire Vonlane experience, from start to finish. I highly recommend it, and those I’ve spoken to since I got back know I’ve been raving about it ever since. Kevin (bus driver) and Vivian (attendant) were so extremely nice, accommodating, and welcoming. Thank you Vonlane!! I’ll be back VERY soon.

    Vonlane 4

    Look at everything they offer! I took advantage of the neck pillow, hand sanitizer, lap desk, tray table, and standard pillow (along with snacks and Diet Coke, of course!) You can even bring your own alcohol on board, and they’ll provide the glasses, which I would have taken advantage of had it not been 6am on a Tuesday!

    Vonlane 3

    Snacks galore! And these are just some of the ones they offer (if you’re on a meal time bus, you’ll also be offered actual meals).

    Vonlane 1

    Mints and chocolate after your meal. 

    Vonlane 2   

    A kitchen equipped with the essentials. P.S. Everything was so clean!

    Vonlane 5

    Like I said, it was truly an enjoyable experience. Never has traveling been so easy. 


    This post was done in partnership with Vonlane, but all views are 100% my own. 

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