Like Mother Like Daughter…or Somewhere in Between : on Summer Entertaining Essentials


Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July weekend! So thrilled the weather is looking great for the next few days so the plan is to spend lots of time soaking up sun up at the lake. Whatever you’re up to, we hope you have a great one. For today’s installment in our Like Mother Like Daughter series, we’re talking about one of our favorite pastimes : summer entertaining. I have vivid memories of my mom entertaining in our various backyards, whether it be for a holiday or just a random Sunday night BBQ. This relaxed time of year calls for parties and gatherings of friends and family, so today we’re bringing you some of our summer entertaining essentials you might want to look into for your summer parties!

Marcee : It’s that favorite time of year when life is casual and carefree! Summer is perfect for outdoor entertaining. From Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, to the Fourth of July, and the last hurrah, Labor Day, a barbecue is always the summer favorite. With a small group it is easy to do it alone. However, when the group gets big, it’s time to call in help, either ordering from a restaurant or hiring a caterer. The menu is usually the same, chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, along with corn on the cob, salad, cole slaw, potato salad, fruit, and you can’t forget the all important s’mores! What could describe summer more than a good old fashioned barbecue?  Here are some of our favorite things for summer entertaining…


Now we’d love to know, what are your summer entertaining essentials? And what are you doing for the 4th? Share in the comments below! 
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Like Mother Like Daughter…or Somewhere in Between : on Makeup


My mom putting lipstick on me at my Bat Mitzvah in 1999

As my mom mentioned in our first post together, she loves makeup. As in LOVES it. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy it; it’s just that I wouldn’t spend hours at a time on the cosmetics floor at Bloomingdale’s (spoiler alert: my mom does that). I really do like it. And I wear it. Though, I don’t wear all that much. I have my tried and true favorites that I wear, but you’ll also find me in no makeup (and more than likely, “athleisure” attire) often. When I do put on my makeup, especially if going to a nicer event, I will absolutely go all out. And by “all out” I mean eyeshadow, eyeliner, and so forth. My mom, on the other hand…

Here we go…one of my favorite topics!

I love makeup! I have always loved makeup! From back in the day when I wore Yardley blue eyeshadow, thick eyeliner and white lipstick (ed note: white lipstick, mom..really?!), I have enjoyed shopping for it, as much as I have enjoyed applying it. It’s my favorite department in any store. Without question the one I enjoy most is Bloomingdale’s in New York City! There isn’t a visit when I don’t get lost on that infamous first floor! 

I like so many brands, but lately my favorite is Giorgio Armani. I have worn it all – Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, Chanel, NARS, Yves Saint Laurent…to name a few! I have a very dear friend who always tells me I should only wear drug store brands because makeup is makeup. I know she is right (sort of), and many studies have shown the same to be true. Oh well, I am a creature of habit and I love what I love!

Now, keep on reading for the makeup my mom and I love, along with the brushes and cosmetics cases. Click each item and/or the products at the bottom to read more about the product and/or purchase! In the comments below, be sure to let us know your favorite makeup. Did any of your favorites make our lists? 

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Like Mother Like Daughter…or Somewhere in Between : on Moving


Hi guys! It’s been a little radio silent on the blog these past couple weeks, huh? My work has been so extremely fulfilling and all encompassing lately that I feel like all my creative juices are going in that direction, which leaves my little blog hanging in the wings. As I’ve said before, I’ll always have a blog, and it does bring me so much happiness, but some days and weeks it’ll be a bit lighter on content than others. Cool? Cool.

Now, let’s get to today’s post, shall we? We’re back with another installment in our “Like Mother Like Daughter” series. You all seemed to love our first one, and my mom and I are so thrilled. As of now, the plan is to post every other week, but it very well may become more frequent as time goes on. It’s been so much fun to work on, and we’re so happy it’s resonating with so many of you.

Today we’re talking about a topic that my mom and I know all too well, a topic we touched upon last time and in previous posts on my blog : moving. From when I was two years old, we were moving, on average, every few years. Sounds crazy, right? In retrospect, it kind of was! 

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Introducing: Like Mother, Like Daughter…or Somewhere in Between


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been extremely close with my mom. Some therapists would say we’re too close (in fact, one has told me that, ha!). Though, I don’t see anything wrong with a mother and daughter being close (most of my girlfriends are just as close with their moms). It’s a bond unlike any other. And while I can’t speak from having my own daughter, I know it’s different than any other relationship in one’s life. It’s a special one, a unique one, and for some, it can even be a challenging one. 

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to kick off a new series that’s been in the works, called “Like Mother, Like Daughter…or Somewhere in Between.” 

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Bookshelves: Before and After

Bookshelves_after 2

A few months back I got on a major reorganization kick. I was just feeling cluttered, in every form of the word. I did a major closet overhaul (though, that’s still in progress), and I have piles upon piles upon piles to go through and sell/donate. I also got fed up with my home office. For some reason, I wasn’t using it. I’d do work on my couch downstairs or at the table instead. Why on earth was I not using my home office? It bothered me. SO, I decided to clear it out. I thought that maybe if I decluttered it would help rejuvenate the space in a big way. 

When I first set up the bookshelves in my home office, I loved them. They weren’t too cluttered, and I thought they looked awesome. Well, fast forward a few years, and over time, things have been added to them, and they just got busy looking, and not pretty, in my mind. I was simply sick of them. 

SO, I removed every single solitary thing from the shelves and dumped it all on the floor (see picture below for the mess I made), and I mindfully put things back. I have to say, I’m thrilled with the outcome. It’s so much more clean and open. See below for the before and after shots, along with some tips and pointers I have if you get inspired to rejig your bookshelves. 

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Just Dance, and Then Dance Some More: My Experience at Dance with Me (Part 2)

Dance with Me 2

Hey guys and hellllllo May! Crazy that it’s already May, I must say. Though, now that it’s here, I’m counting down the seconds to summer.

If you follow along on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook (or read this blog post), you likely saw that a couple months back I partnered with Dance with Me Studios for 5 private lessons at their Woodlands location. And, seriously, each one was SUCH a blast.

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An Interview with Actress Hannah Shankman

You know that feeling you get at a Broadway show (or any theater performance, really) while watching? It’s an escape to something magical. Whenever I’m watching a show, I’m simply in awe. Of everything. Well, Hannah Shankman, 31, gets to HannahHeadshotSmhelp bring that joy to people every day of her life. Hannah is an actress on Broadway who has been in some of the biggest shows out there (Wicked, Hair, Les Miserables, to name a few). Though, it hasn’t always been in a walk in the park. She’s been told “no” plenty times, she hasn’t always gotten the role she’s wanted, but she pushes through, and keeps going because this is her passion and what she’s meant to do. She is insanely talented and is truly living her dream. Keep on reading for what her favorite part about acting is, what a day in her life looks like, advice for those wanting to become a professional actor/actress, what inspires her, and much more.

How long have you been acting and singing?

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I used to sing all the Disney songs as a kid and pretend to be the characters! But I’ve been doing plays since I was in 3rd grade. I started with school shows and then started doing after school theatre programs, and now I’ve been acting professionally for about 10 years. 

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An Interview with Tracy Eisenman, Director of Integrated Sales, Teen Vogue


How would you like to see Anna Wintour in your office building fairly regularly? Pretty cool (albeit intimidating?), if you ask me. Well, while Tracy Eisenman, 29, worked at Teen Vogue, this is something that became rather “normal!” For over a image1year, Tracy held the position as Director of Integrated Sales at Teen Vogue, and she very recently started a new job at Goop. At the time of this interview, she was still with Teen Vogue, so the questions are based around that. Aside from Teen Vogue and Goop, Tracy has GQ on her resume, as well as WIRED. This girl has quite a career, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. She lives in NYC, works incredibly hard, but also has time to unwind at The Boom Boom Room. Keep on reading for what inspires Tracy, what she loved most and found the most challenging at her Teen Vogue job, her biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of her career, thus far, her favorite spots in NYC, and much more. 

How long have you been working at Teen Vogue? What were you doing prior?

I have been at Teen Vogue for 1 year and 4 months.  Previously I was at WIRED, fully immersed in a thought-leader brand.  WIRED took pride in breaking news, like Edward Snowden’s whereabouts, as well as sharing economic theories, like The Long Tail and Crowdsourcing, that would soon be picked up as daily rhetoric. 

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The Lineup // 4.8.17

The Lineup

If I had to describe this past week in one word, that word would be fulfillment. Each day was the perfect amount of jam packed, with loads of inspiration on the work side of things, and scattered about were great breakfasts, lunches, happy hour’s and dinners with dear friends and inspiring creatives. It was just a solid, fulfilling week. It further validates my realization I’ve had this past year that I thrive on connection, as well as creative energy. I will say, I did feel extremely overwhelmed as Friday progressed because I left for Florida this morning, and I started feeling like I had far too much to get done prior. Lo and behold, I got done what I needed to, and had to push the rest out to today. And, you know what? The world didn’t end because I had to push a couple things out. You can only do what you can do, am I right? Anyway, as I said, I’m off to Florida for the week to visit lots of family, and I can hardly wait. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you have a great one. And below, as always, you’ll find some great reads and finds from this past week! xo Julie P.S. That photo above is from Levy Park, which is a new park in Houston, and it’s absolutely incredible. If you haven’t checked it out, I urge you to do so! I spent lunch there one day this past week with my dear friend and her adorable little. 

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