Meditation is quite the topic these days. I feel like every other article I read mentions meditation and the benefits of it. And for good reason! Personally, I’m a big fan of the practice.

    I’ve mentioned meditation in previous posts of mine, but in talking to friends, I realized that some people simply can’t get into a good routine with it. And, trust me, I’m no expert. I don’t meditate daily (but my goal is to eventually be doing so!), but when I do, in fact, meditate, it makes a huge difference in my day.

    What if you filled your home with things that will help you get excited to meditate (and by you I mean all of us, of course). Whether it’s a book, a candle, a certain pillow, if you have items you love that are specifically for when you meditate, it might be easier to include it in your routine, and, thus, do it more often.


    Meditation Essentials

    1. Voluspa Mini Candles – Of course, you’ll want candles around to set the mood, and I love these mini ones because, for starters, they are adorable, and you can light a bunch at once. / 2.  Floor Cushion or Meditation Pillow – You want to sit in a comfortable spot, whether on a couch, bed, the floor, whatever you prefer. A pillow/cushion is a good thing to have to ensure your comfort. / 3. Meditation Tipi – Ok, I’m not saying you need to get a tipi in order to meditate, but I just think this is kinda cool and fun. If you have the space, go for it. / 4. Cozy Throw Blanket – Like I said, being comfortable is so important when meditating, so if you’re cold it’s not going to fly. Get a cozy throw blanket to cover your arms or legs. / 5. Elephant Match Strike – You’ll need some matches to light your candles, so why not get a cute little accessory to hold them. / 6. Lavender Room Spray – I’m obsessed with lavender; the scent truly relaxes me. Whether you’re into lavender or another scent, get a room spray to use before and after you meditate; it’s just another way to help you feel zen. / 7. How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends With Your Mind – And if you truly don’t know where to begin, grab a book and let it help guide you (or get the Calm app, which you already know I love).

    Do you meditate? What are your essentials when you do so? 


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