Monday, dreary Monday! Ugh this weather. I don’t like to be one who talks about the weather, but it doesn’t stop raining in Houston. However, to be honest, I LOVE rainy weekend days when I have nowhere to be, and yesterday was one of those days. It was so nice just cozying up on my couch all day. Literally, all day. BUT now it’s Monday, and I’m not cozying up on my couch. In fact, this was an exceptionally early morning for me (oh, and I’m NOT a morning person). I moderated a blogger panel earlier which was really fun, and now I’m getting work done before I meet Monica and her sweet, adorable son for lunch. 

    If you’re dragging this Monday (like me), this post might help you get through the day.  Because the thing is, Monday’s don’t have to suck. They really don’t. Even if you don’t go into your Monday ready to tackle the week, you can switch gears throughout the day to get you feeling the good vibes. 

    7 Ways to Make Your Monday Better

    1. Know that you’re one day closer to Friday: When you’re feeling BLAH on a Monday, just realize you’re THAT much closer to Friday than you were last night or earlier this morning even. Do you already have plans for the weekend? If so, get excited for those. And if you don’t have plans yet, start thinking about what fun things you want to do. Let your mind daydream a bit.
    2. Get outside, if even for just 5 minutes: Lately, I’ve been switching up my workouts, and instead of going to the gym, I’ll go outside for a few mile walk when the weather is nice. I’ve noticed a shift in my mood and mindset when I get outside. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘nature person,’ but there is something to be said about fresh air and being outside. Whatever your job is, take a break and walk outside, if even for just a few minutes. It really, truly helps to clear your head.
    3. Have something to look forward to when you get home: I don’t know about you, but there are certain shows I’m kind of addicted to. I get so excited to watch them that if I feel a bit blah during the day, I’ll think about after work how I get to sit on my couch and watch (insert TV show name here), and it instantly lifts my mood. Maybe that’s embarrassing to admit, and if TV isn’t your thing, whatever it is (cooking, reading, writing, a glass of wine (yes!), etc), think about that and how you’ll be doing it soon enough. It’s good to have something to look forward to. 
    4. Be grateful: Gratitude is so important, and even just writing down or thinking about a couple things you’re grateful for in the morning can really set up your day in a much more positive way than having not done that exercise. With that being said, you can also do this mid day. Take a minute to either write down or just think about it (but actually THINK about it and feel it) what you’re truly grateful for. Remind yourself of those things even when you’re bumming at work. 
    5. Read an inspiring or cheerful article: Look, I’m not saying to not do your work, BUT I am saying you can take a break from your work at some point during the day, and read something totally not work related. In fact, my article on Wear + Where + Well today could possibly brighten up your day instantly because how can you look at that golden yellow color and NOT feel happy?
    6. Laugh and then laugh some more: What is better than a good laugh? Find a funny YouTube video, read tweets of someone funny you follow on Twitter, talk to a hilarious co worker or friend, and just LAUGH. And then laugh some more. It’s an instant mood booster. And on a similar note, SMILE. You’d be surprised how much that helps.
    7. Turn on some good tunes: Music has a way of totally and completely shifting one’s mood. Turn on that song you love that makes you feel empowered and happy. Throw those headphones on and blast it. 

    And, with that, I hope you have a great Monday and an awesome week. See you back here tomorrow! 


    Photo by Chrisstine Lee

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