Hi from Asheville! Have you ever been here? I hadn’t, and I think it’s my new favorite place. I absolutely love it and want to come back soon (I’ve already been telling my friend that I want to do a couples trip here!). Anyway, how has your week been? I was in New York and Connecticut for the first part of it, and I just love being in the northeast. Honestly, I miss it so much. I love my life in Houston, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not itching to move back at some point! I’ll be back home Saturday, and I’m looking forward to getting organized, back in my routine, and in my own bed. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you’re up to and enjoy my favorite links and finds from the week below! xo Julie

    My friend Esther shared this the other day, and I found it so moving. Powerful. If you did something back in the day you might regret, it might not be too late to apologize. // A Junior High Bully Sent a Powerful Note to His Victim Twenty Years Later via 22 Words

    I think this Amazon bookstore is pretty much the coolest thing. Thanks, Dad, for sending this one! // We Visited Amazon’s First Neighborhood Bookstore and Saw How It Could Change the Industry for Good via Business Insider

    What’s your passion? Figure that out and then do it. // How to Find Your Niche and Get Paid for It via Camille Styles

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of these cookies before, but now I want to try them. Maybe I’ll give it a go this weekend (likely not, but maybe?!). // These Cookies Have a Cult Following – But You Can Make Them at Home via Real Simple

    I don’t know the last time I was in a Forever 21 (well, until a few days ago), and I stumbled upon a denim jacket (I think it was under $30!!) that I’m basically obsessed with. I can’t find the exact one on the website, but they have some other good options. // Denim Jackets via Forever 21

    I loathe flying so I don’t think this would be the job for me, but if you’re one that likes it, I urge you to apply. How cool!!? // This Company Will Pay You $10,000/Month to Travel the World and Stay in Luxury Homes via Thrillist 

    I really respect Selena Gomez for opening up about her mental health. Props to her. // Selena Gomez Says This Type of Therapy Completely Changed her Life via Well + Good

    Interesting article about simply not wanting to travel. I know most people can’t relate to it, but in a way, I kind of can. #homebody // I Don’t Want to Travel via The Huffington Post

    I was in a Saks Off 5th the other day, and they had a great Rag & Bone (my favorite!) section, so I checked online, and they also have some great things on their website. Worth checking out! // Rag & Bone at Off 5th

    Have you been feeling the statement earring trend? I have! Even though I wear studs mostly, I’m in the market for some fun, statement earrings. It was fun putting this article together – so many great ones out there! // 48 Ways to Embrace the Super Popular Statement Earring Trend via Wear + Where + Well 

    On the blog this week (it was a light week!) / An Interview with Sarah Dubbeldam, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Darling Magazine

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