Hi guys! Remember me? I know I know, I literally haven’t put up a blog post in forever. Since August 8th, to be exact. Work has been crazy hectic (in the best way possible!), and my little ol blog has been pushed aside a bit. Have no fear, though, because I will always have this blog, and I will write as much as I’m able, so I hope you continue to follow along.

    In the meantime, I’m hosting an event coming up that I’d love for you to come to if you’re in the Houston area. 

    You know by now I’ve been rather vocal about not knowing if I want kids. I’ve mentioned it on the blog, as well, I wrote an article for the HuffPost about it. 

    Well, Houston IVF approached me about hosting an event centered around learning about freezing one’s eggs. Yikes, I know that sounds like a heavy topic. Well, it is, but it’s also an important one.

    Personally, I know pretty much nothing on the topic, but I’ve been wanting to learn more. Because, truly, I have no clue if I want kids, but I’d like to know what my choices and options are and have the opportunity to, in fact, have kids if I decide I want them later on.

    SO, the event starts with 45 minutes of yoga followed by an interactive chat with Houston IVF doctors about egg freezing and fertility preservation. And it’s all taking place at Define Living

    Even if you have no interest in this topic, I hope you’ll consider coming! We can hang and do yoga together, and feel free to invite friends! 

    All details below. Be sure to RSVP, and see you soon!

    freeze and flow copy

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