Something you might not know about me is that I lived in Boston for 4 years a little while back. Well, really, a long while back; it feels like a lifetime ago! To this day, it’s still my favorite city in the country. And someone I met soon into my time in Boston is the guy you’ll be reading about in today’s interview: Collin Bray. We quickly became close friends, and already back then he was killing it in his career. It’s been so exciting to watch his continued success these past 8 years. In my mind, he runs Boston real estate. You’ve never seen someone so passionate about their job until you’ve met Collin. He lives and Collin Braybreathes real estate (and he’s a looker, too, ladies!). He is the VP of Sales at Century 21 Cityside and I was so happy he could take time out of his busy day to answer some questions. Keep on reading for Collin’s favorite part about his job, how he balances his work life and his personal life, his favorite thing about Boston, advice for a newbie in the real estate industry, and much more.

    When did you first start working in real estate? Did you know this is what you wanted to do since you were little? If not, when did you realize?

    I started twelve years ago. I had no idea I wanted to get into real estate, but my father is in real estate and had to take me to showings as a kid so it must have been in my sub-conscious. 

    What is your favorite part about your job? Most rewarding? Most challenging?

    My favorite part is meeting new people. I LOVE people and that is my business; I just happen to sell real estate. Most rewarding is seeing my clients transition & grow in homes I help them sell and buy. Most challenging part is helping my clients understand they have be patient or move faster.

    What does a day in your life look like?

    No two days are the same. I always try to do something physical or mentally challenging. Physical is going to Equinox or playing basketball. Mental is doing yoga or meeting someone new for a coffee. I love to network and find other business that have synergy with real estate. 

    What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the real estate industry?

    Create a morning ritual. How I start my mornings always impacts the quality & success of my day. Be a full time agent, treat your real estate career as your own business/brand. Find a great mentor. 

    What’s been the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of your career, thus far?

    I have them often. Two just a couple weeks back! I stood alongside the developers of a 40-unit building that is under construction, and I thought to myself, my dreams have come true. They trusted me as their broker for all 40 apartments. The other was just last week. A client told me she felt we’ve become friends after our condo search was complete. Pinch me pinch me; that meant the world to me. 

    In your line of work, you work a lot of weekends and nights – how do you balance your personal life with your work? Any words of wisdom there?

    Some great careers require sacrifice. If you want to sell high end real estate and do not want to work weekends, don’t become a Realtor. The reality is people want to view homes outside of work, late hours and weekends. It is all part of the lifestyle; JUST ACCEPT IT & LOVE IT! 

    What’s your favorite thing (or place) about Boston??

    I love our city for its hard-working Bostonians, independent thinkers and culture.  The Back Bay, Copley Square and the Boston Public Library are all timeless spaces which are a MUST SEE. The Thinking Cup on Newbury St has a great espresso. Restaurants like Douzo have amazing Sushi. My fav is the spicy tuna/avocado. Island Creek Oysters in Fenway offer delicious local seafood. Every Boston neighborhood is different, but still connected and walkable. 

    What inspires you?

    My family. 

    What motto/quote do you always try to live by?

    Take good care of people; what goes around, always comes around. 

    Thanks so much, Collin!

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