We’ve talked about removing yourself from negativity and how it’s so important to surround yourself with only those who lift you higher. However, what if you simply can’t remove yourself from a certain person (or certain people), such as a family member or a colleague. Yes, of course, you have the choice to speak to whoever you want to speak to, but there are times when you and this other person have to exist in the same space. So, how do you deal? How do you handle that?

    Take the High Road

    First things first, always take the high road. As much as you might not want anything to do with this person, there’s no need to let them know that. Be nice. Be kind. Be polite. Be respectful. If they are awful to you, that’s their problem. Be the bigger person. 

    Practice Non-Attachment

    Something I try very hard to think about and have apart of my life is the notion of non-attachment. Even just the other day something was bugging me more than it needed to so, surprise surprise, I started over-thinking it (side note – I’ve been known to over-think things to a fault, but I have gotten SO much better at it, I must say!!). I then reminded myself of non-attachment, and within seconds it kind of just disappeared from my mind. So, if you find yourself being around some of those toxic people in your life, try to subscribe to the notion of non-attachment. You can be in the situation without having it run you. Realize the ephemeral nature of the times you are with said person, and when you’re not with them, they don’t even need to be in your train of thought.

    Keep it Light and Don’t Take Part

    When you’re around these people, keep it light. Just take the situation for what it is, and don’t allow for conversations that go in a negative direction. For example, they might want to gossip about someone they ‘can’t stand.’ Well, you actually like this ‘someone,’ and even if you didn’t like that person, gossiping isn’t your thing. Rather than feeding their desire to talk shit about others, just listen to them, smile, and nod, and gently push the conversation in another direction OR tell them you need to go to the restroom or you need another drink. Remove yourself from the immediate situation. And maybe they’ll even eventually get the hint that you don’t want to gossip and you’re not going to take part in it.

    Remind Yourself They Might Never Change

    The thing is, these toxic people in your life may never change. They very well might have the capability to do so, but they may simply not want to. And that’s their prerogative. It’s how they are choosing to live their life. If you remind yourself of this, and have no expectations that they will ever change, then you’re less likely to be disappointed.

    At the end of the day, you’re going to find yourself surrounded by toxic people at one point or another. And if it’s someone you can’t just remove from your life, you can still handle the times you are with them gracefully and respectfully. No, it’s not ideal, but if you take the high road, know that the situation will pass quickly, don’t take part in their toxicity, and remind yourself this is who they are and they very well may never change, you’ll be a in a good mindset to deal with them. How do you handle toxic people in your life? Would love to hear in the comments below. 


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      1. Michaela on January 26, 2017 at 3:02 pm Reply

        Love this article!

        1. Julie Lauren on January 26, 2017 at 4:27 pm Reply

          Thank you so much, Michaela! So glad you enjoyed it! xo Julie

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